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Parking Lots

parking space with parking management

Parking lots are wide open spaces with highly durable floors (mostly asphalt) created for the purpose of parking vehicles. There are several types, designs, and styles of parking lots and each of them has their proper uses depending on a few factors. A parking lot could be created anywhere but are usually mapped out in open spaces for easier access to anyone. These parking lots are usually created especially in commercial areas like markets, supermarkets, shopping malls, etc. If you are around Vienna and you need your parking lot managed for, reach out to us. We offer the best management services in the entire city and its environs. We are pros at running the different kinds of parking lots given to us for management.

Parking garages

These are indoor spaces specially built to contain cars. Garages can be featured in a house, a firm, or any other building as long as it has a space to contain a vehicle. Different types of garages can be used for commercial purposes and they are; single level garage, multi-level garage, automated garage, and an underground parking garage. In a single level garage, all cars are parked on a single floor, no elevated platforms for cars to stay in. This type of garage can be used almost anywhere (as long as it is a building and can contain cars). A multi-level garage is the opposite of a single level. Multi-level simply has different floors in which cars can be parked in. Multilevel garage is mostly found in commercial buildings and trade centers. Automated garages are quite fancy and require electricity to operate. It is called “automated” because all you have to do is drive onto a platform and this platform lifts or places your vehicle in an available parking space. Lastly, underground parking garages are garages built underground. This is usually done if the space available on the ground is insufficient or there is just no room for cars up there.

Car Ports

Carports are parts of one’s home built with coverings where multiple cars can be put in. Ports usually have one or two walls, sometimes, they are attached to the walls of a home with a wide roof on top of it to shield the car from weather hazards. Depending on how big the carport is, it can take a large number of cars, up to one hundred, and could also have just enough space for a vehicle. There is no limit or specific boundary a carport is supposed to take. They can be built based on the owner’s preferences.


APS stands for an automated parking system. These parking systems are built to make parking easier for vehicle owners and to also reduce the risks of parking accidents. Hydraulic or mechanical lifts are placed in a certain area for people to drive on if they want their cars parked. These automated platforms transport the car to a parking space in the garage. These lifts are mostly used by big companies in commercial centers