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Underground Parking Structures

parking lot on underground

As parking structures on land become insufficient day after day, underground parking becomes a viable option for parking in any area. Underground parking is where an open space or enclosed area for cars is built beneath ground level. This type of parking is probably the most secure as cars beneath ground might escape the eyes of scouting hoodlums or thieves, also, an automated parking system(APS) could be installed in an underground parking structure, giving it a better, fancier, and more efficient feel. Underground parking is the least used method of parking but one of the most efficient. Underground parking structures are mostly used in extremely busy commercial areas or big companies that probably have lots and lots of employees. If you want to manage any underground parking structure in Vienna, you should reach out to us. We are experts at the management of different types of parking spaces and underground parking structures happen to be one of our specialties.

Land Availability

Land availability is the first and most outstanding advantage of underground parking structures. Building a parking structure underground meant fewer cars on the ground level and sometimes there is very minimal or insufficient space on the surface for so many cars. Underground parking structures help take in a number of cars in order to make parking spaces available for those on the ground level. This way there is less traffic on land and more parking spaces for less people. In extremely busy places, this a big underground parking structure will come in handy as it will be able to take in lots and lots of vehicles, leaving land with fewer vehicles to deal with.

Reduced Crime

Due to the fact that underground parking structures are almost invisible, vehicle-related crimes are reduced. Due to better control and easy surveillance, underground parking structures are easily secured and monitored by officials. Unlike open spaces where everybody is everywhere and it is relatively difficult to pick out an abnormal occurrence in the open, in an underground parking structure (that is supposed to be deserted except if car owners want to pick up or park their vehicles) it’s quite easy. Depending on the management system, detecting an abnormality in operation is quite easy if you use the right methods.


Underground structures are modified to accommodate the use of APS. APS (automated parking system) is usually a hydraulic or mechanical lift, powered by electricity and used for parking cars. The car is placed on a flat surface in which the car is conveyed wither horizontally or even vertically and placed in the best parking space possible. The machine has proven to be one of the best methods of parking vehicles and this has helped reduce accidents or parking imperfections. An underground parking structure is built to accommodate APS machines and serve its purpose better. However, the only disadvantage that these machines might have compared to others is power outage. The parking space won’t function without power and as a result, it could be rendered completely useless if there is no source of electricity.